Joe Logan

Data Scientist, Deep Learning Engineer, Consultant and Software Developer based in Sydney.

About Me

Joe Logan Software Developer

About Me

I'm a freelance web, mobile, artificial intelligence and VR/AR developer with over 20 years experience. I am also a PhD candidate at UTS in software engineering and AI.

Consulting / Interim CTO

I work as an independent consultant on all things deep-tech, and on occasion fill in as an interim CTO and assist with hiring the right candidate to move the business forward.


I develop software based upon a broad tech stack, check it out below!


Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Numpy and Darknet/YOLO.

Web Dev

Node, React, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SASS and LESS.

Mobile Dev

React Native, Swift, Java and Kotlin.


Unity, C#, Mono, Vuforia, ARKit and AR Studio.


Sketch and AI. Nothing else matters.

My Work

Early 2020

Quite a busy start to 2020! Currently working on a 2D rhythm game in Unity / C#, a medical website in React / Node, a Telehealth platform using React and WebRTC, and various API development tasks for UTS.

Summer 2019

Began working on building Mathstronauts, a space-themed maths game designed to improve numeracy levels in primary schools. Developed in Unity (C#) and Node.

Spring 2018

Worked on a colour analysis system in Python, with a web front end written in React.

Winter 2018

Worked with to create machine learning algorithms for medical radiology. Worked with Python, Keras, PyTorch and GoLang.

Autumn 2018

Developed a Unity3D primary school spelling game in the Ed/Tech space with Brainbox Games! Coding in React, Node and Unity / C#.

Summer 2017

Developed the technology stack and UX for Cosmabl, a med-tech 'Uber for Botox'! Developed in React and Node.

Early 2017

Loving React Native in 2017! Developed the conference mobile app for the Social Media & Critical Care team with RN, Node and Firebase.


Heaps of mobile and web development, mainly in the med-tech space. Projects include Bleep and AirHealth. Worked with Node, React, React Native and AWS. Also finished my MBA!


Travelled around South East Asia and India, mainly reading and learning and doing some personal projects in Ruby, Node and Angular.


Plenty of web development fun-ness, ranging from some bespoke work for Westfield to a Wordpress site for a hypnotist!


Worked extensively with PHP and Magento (ugh) for the lovely team at Diva / Lovisa, including custom colour pallette searching which was pretty new back then!

2010 - 2012

Stacks of full-stack web development and development with ONMedia, including Harbour City Homes & Ellaslist


Mainly learning and studying obsolete dev stuff, such as JQuery. Plenty of Javascript popups and cringy scroll animations :(


The golden era of technology, hacked into (secretive) sites on a 9600-baud modem and chatted endlessly on AOL/AIM. Built a few shooter games on the C64 in BASIC / ASM and a working spreadsheet for Windows 3.1 in Visual Basic...

Contact Me.

I am the co-host of the Sydney Healthcare AI and Data Science Meetup

If you are in Sydney come along, it is run every six weeks or so!